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Best Electronics М1 фото
— производитель: Best Electronics (Бест Электроникс)
— модель: М1
— в виде зеркала
— 2 канала записи
— ЖК-экран
— угол обзора 120°
— в наличии
— гарантия 12 месяцев
— артикул VR-1125

Примеры съёмки Best Electronics М1

Trance Master Remember Mix V1[The Best of Trance Classics]♫♫♫
Trance Master Remember♫♫♫
Mixed By Trancetury
00:00:00/1.Gouryella - Tenshi meets Ligaya (Ferry Tayle ReMix)
00:12:45/2.Push - Strange World (Indecent Noise Remix)
00:16:45/3.Dj Ducka & Dj Yellow - Frozen Dreams (Warnes Mix)
00:23:50/4.Aerodive - Summer Dive (Icone Remix)
00:29:45/5.Armas - Angels and Demons (Carl B Remix)
00:35:40/6.Carl B - Justice
00:41:35/7.Phoenixstar - The Example 60
00:48:10/8.Luciano - Seven Ways
00:53:20/9.Tommie - Blue Sky
00:59:46/10.Nic Chagall Pres Encee - Sansibar
Trance Master Remember Mix V2
All Tunes are copyright their original owners
Enjoy Listening!!!!!!I'll edit the Description later this week :pThe Splendor of Color Kaleidoscope Video v1.3 1080p (the best of 1.2 at half speed)
FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions
How do you provide free healthcare, free housing, free minimum income, without taxation?
Some Possible Hypothetical Answers from an Expert in Simplistic Magical Thinking:
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Instead of moving money around between banks, businesses, producers, consumers and merchants so that it ends up in large piles hoarded over here and not enough of it over there (for billions of people), you just keep track of the points virtually in a massive cloud-based virtual bank.
Since the whole economy is now represented virtually, you can digitally edit the virtual accounts of the poor so that they are now in the middle class.
The economy is a game. If people prefer to keep a game going or to have a new game that involves money, you would still recognize virtual money as a medium of exchange that could be used to buy land, but that would be for the business people who want to play the game of running up the score.
Most consumers would not need to keep money. Since you'd have to make a transition to the new system from the old, you could merge all of the banks, while transfering all deposits to 100% insured accounts in the virtual central bank, in local currencies, represented virtually. This will make it easier for the citizens to adjust.
Since that would end up in a giant pile of virtual money being unequally distributed, using virtual currency and electronic scorekeeping, you buy out all the mortgages and landlords and let everybody own their home.
Work would then be optional and we'd have to re-organize the economy based on a new model where everything is paid for and hoarding (saving) would be unnecessary, because the central bank has all the virtual currency in the world and pays for all products without the consumer needing to have the money in the first place. It's a totally new model and paradigm for the whole society. The end of slavery.
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